This is a mobile app, marketplace of services, where you can find a job, a gig or a helper, thus performing in two roles: as "Boss", who posts tasks and job offers, and as "Agent", picking up tasks and promoting skills
The app forms a broad database of Bosses and Agents, using AI to facilitate optimal matches between them
Join our platform to unlock a world of possibilities. Whether you are looking to offer your services or find the right professional, we’ve got you covered.
Jobyfine is aimed to bridge the gap between individuals and entities worldwide, offering a safe and convenient platform for a direct cooperation without intermediaries and barriers but with significant benefits.
How it works
If you are skilled in a particular field or have unique talents, tell the world about it!

Whether you are a freelancer, consultant, or a company representative, showcase your expertise and connect with those seeking your skills.

Start by filling out your profile and verifying your documents. Your profile becomes your personalized web page. Then, create your offer and discover the perfect job opportunities for you.
Become Agent
If you are looking to hire a helper or a provider with specific services and skills, you can do it here!

Browse through a diverse pool of talented professionals to find the perfect match for your needs. Need something specific? Post your task, and let the experts come to you.
The quality is our priority
We verify members, their profiles and documents 
We test the Agents by ourselves
We give you an opportunity to provide feedback to Bosses and Agents 
We build members’ rating based on that feedback
We develop recommendations, guides and SLAs to help members play their roles successfully
Payments and loyalty program for your benefit
Top up your in-app wallet with any card
Pay from the wallet for the in-app services or to another member
Secure a deal before accomplishing
(We guarantee it)
Earn coins when you use the app
Be active on the app and get rewarded with additional services
Global reach without any barriers
Download and use the app from any place across the globe
The app is introduced in a variety of languages
Get your conversation translated into the language you speak while you chat, and so has your counterpart
About Us
Watch the video about us
This has become especially vital with the recent global changes and transformations. The pandemic shown that many types of work can be done remotely. Dramatic events in the conflict territories across the globe led to labor, business and other forms of migration. Many people have emerged with their basic needs in new places of residence. 

We have relocated to a new country as well, and were facing the same challenges. We have observed how individuals struggle to manage their transformed lives, and understood that everyone lacks having a secure and technically robust platform to feel confident about the today and tomorrow. 
We are inspired team of individuals who have come together to realize the idea that has been circulating in our minds for quite long – connect people locally and across the globe to have the job done. 
Head of marketing
5+ years in marketing and account management
Senior executive in corporate banking, head of SMB, 18+ years in the industry
Head of strategy
5+ years in strategy and finance in tech companies
10+ launched mobile apps, 12+ years in the industry
Seasoned professional in retail banking and payments, 15+ years in the industry
We would love to hear from you and follow your advice on the adjustments, enhancements and expansion that you need. 
We hope that with the help of our platform you will find what you are looking for!
We will ensure the stability of the platform, to enable convenient and safe space for your everyday needs.
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